Udeh Nans Stunt Coordinator

Welcome to my official page… my name is Udeh

I am full stunt coordinator from Jakarta, with vast experience in stunt and action design.

I also a founder of Pejuang Stunt, a stunt team base in East Jakarta, Indonesia.  Our members are well trained and experienced in movies, TVC and live action show. 

We provide equipment for wirework, rigging and safety.  Our team are reliable and ready to work globally.

We’re happy to discuss with you for your upcoming project, thank you for visit my website.

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I started career as a stunt performer in 2005, join with Jelitavisindo Megah Film stunt team, Jakarta owned by action director Mr. Alip Santosa ( Alip Sak ).

Mr. Alip was support me to learn many things about stunt and action with Daud Radex and Edi Manopo as my mentor.

I start to become a professional stunt coordinator on 2015, a year later I build my own company named PT Pejuang Laga Indonesia ( Pejuang Stunt ).



  • 2016 – current
    Stunt Coordinator at Pejuang Stunt.
    Working for any project under PT Pejuang Laga Indonesia.

  • 2005 – 2015
    Freelance stunt performer.
    Working for various project such as movie, TVC, live action show.
    Check it out in my portfolio.
Udeh Nans


  • Stunt Education
    Australia Stunt Academy, 2016

  • Further Education
    Occupational Safety and Health Expert / Ahli Keselamatan dan Kesehatan Kerja ( K3 ) Umum, 2018
Udeh Nans - Stunt Academy


  • Stunt & Rigging
    Stunt, stunt double, stunt coordinator, stunt supervisor, stunt risk assesment.

  • Camera
    Canon DSLR series

  • Editing Software
    Adobe Premiere Pro

  • System
    Windows and Mac OS

  • Other Application
    Microsoft office and website
Stunt Coordinator film Target